Maximus Horsebox

2 Berth Trailers (3 berth- or larger trailers are built for specialised applications)

  • Unique rigid, robust hollow panel aluminium box construction. Hot-dip galvanized chassis.  Reinforced rear door frame.  This structure stand up to the extreme road and horse impact loads – a design that was refined over many years.
  • Tandem rubber suspension axle, hot dipped galvanized, all 4 wheels braked
  • Wheels 195R14C, spare wheel and spare wheel holder
  • European safety coupler with emergency brake cable
  • Side padding inside box
  • High glass fibre roof with two sliding windows
  • Forward facing window to assist the horse with spatial orientation
  • Chest bars with panic quick release function
  • Ramp on gas lifts for easy operation.  Strong ramp locks.
  • Thick (10 mm) rubber mat on the floor and ramp.  Non-slip strips on the ramp
  • Swing mounted centre partition
  • Spring loaded Tarpaulin blind to close rear
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel
  • Side door
  • Imported windows: pop-out and multiple settings
  • Aluminium floor – strong and resistant to horse urine
  • AKS safety coupling
  • Dimensions Inside: L 3150 x W 1700 x H 2300 mm
  • Dimensions Outside: L 4500 mm x W 2260 mm x H 3040 mm
  • Tare weight: 920 kg
  • Payload: 1500kg
  • Side vent
  • Aluminium wheels with 15″ tyres
  • AKS safety coupling
  • Height-adjustable breast bars
  • Head partition for stallions and ventilating skylight
  • Ventilating Skylight
  • Outside support bar for saddles
  • Aluminium paddock
  • Saddle box & swing mounted saddle holder
  • Padded breast bar
  • Add water tank
  • Add groom box
  • Add Awning
  • Add High mounted tail lights
  • Add Window bars
  • Ask our advice on other available options or discuss any additional requirements with us. We customise.

More about the Horsebox:

Multi-Trail has been involved with horse boxes since start of our business in 1989, when the boxes were imported from Germany. We soon realised that South African conditions required something more unique, and designed and manufactured horse boxes suited to the South African market. We now successfully leap every hurdle, from parts availability, to ease of repair and service. We can vouch for structural strength and durability, corrosion resistance and mobility.

Although we try to keep to South African suppliers, speciality parts are still imported from Germany when local technology, quality and availability does not meet our manufacturing standards. Through many years of experience we have adapted the original concept, and we believe we now offer the best horsebox the South African market. Our horse boxes are elegant, durable, and extremely user friendly. A new box can last for decades and second-hand units have excellent re-sale value.

Although our two berth Maximus is the most popular model since it can be towed by most medium sized vehicles, we design and build custom-sized horse trailers and horse trucks upon request. Our factory is also fully equipped to do full services and repairs.


Here are a few pointers to consider when evaluating a horse box:

  1. Horses are calmer when they have more head room. Downwards sloping roofs sometimes spook them.
  2. A light interior also has a calming effect on a horse.
  3. A front window allows the horse to see ahead which also often help the horse to be more relaxed.
  4. Horses often kick to the back and even to the side.  The rear door and sides need to be able to absorb the impact.
  5. A heavy trailer is more difficult to man-handle, it burns more fuel and has a larger dynamic effect on the drawing vehicle.
  6. Rear ramps should be easy to lift by hand during opening and closing.
  7. Horses often lean against the front bar, side, center partition and rear gate of the horse box and therefore these areas need to be strong.
  8. Because the rear of the trailer is not solid (there is a door that is not rigidly fixed), the rear construction and the door-to-frame interaction should be strong enough to withstand road vibration inputs.  As a check: If one shakes the rear of the trailer from side to side, the whole trailer should shake as a unit and not only the rear frame.
  9. Horse boxes often stand for extended periods in moist environments.  Steel is prone to rust with time, even when painted.  Once rust attacked a steel component it is very difficult to completely remove it during a repair such that it does not start to rust again.  Use corrosion resistant materials like hot dip galvanized steel; stainless steel; aluminium etc.
  10. Horse urine enhances wood rot and rust.  Avoid these materials in the floor area.

There are many more details that could influence your horse and trailer.  Talk to knowledgeable people before making decisions on which product suits your needs.  Also remember: a horse trailer needs regular services.  For example, servicing wheel bearings once a year greatly reduces the risk of bearing failure in the middle of nowhere.  And a well maintained brake system is critical for your vehicle stability.

At Multi-Trail we took all these pointers above into consideration when we designed our Maximus Horsebox 2 Berth Trailer. And we take these pointers into consultation when we plan your custom designed trailer as well. Contact us today for a consultation or price.


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