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Multi-Trail specializes in the use of aluminium bodywork on a hot dipped galvanized steel chassis.  The unique hollow aluminium panels are lightweight with superior strength when compared to steel and aluminium thin sheet metal.  During use, the cargo induced dents from the inside of the load box do not present as dents on the outside of the double skin panel.  The anodized aluminium and galvanized chassis is colour fast and does not corrode easily.  These features help to keep the trailer beautiful and structurally sound for many years.  Our aluminium trailers have a significant longer life expectancy than painted steel trailers. 

The higher initial cost of a trailer with a hollow section aluminium body and hot dipped galvanized steel chassis is more than recovered by the extended life due to the trailer’s superior dent and corrosion resistance.  Especially in corrosive environments. 

A further benefit of our hollow panel sides, wooden floor and tight sealing composite lid is the good thermal insulation.  This is used to good effect by e.g. hunters transporting cold meat over long distances.  The cargo volume is well protected against dust and moisture ingress.

Order your trailer before you camping trip coming up to avoid disappointment. You could always start with the standard trailer and then add customisations later on. 

Below is information regarding our standard models, the Shuttle, Tracker, Camper and Ranger.  Also see the Multi-star steel trailer pages and our Trailer Maintenance page. It is very important to maintain especially your trailer’s brakes, so it does not make your vehicle unstable.



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